I am a servant to these and all others.

This is the measure of my success in life.  How well I serve Jesus Christ, my wife, my parents, my children, my brothers, my friends, and anyone else I am fortunate enough to have even momentary contact with is all that matters.  Yes, I usually fail.  But this is my one goal when I wake up each morning, while at the gym, when I’m preparing to meet with a client, when my child wants me to stop everything to look at yet another piece of artwork, while reaching for my cell phone or typing an email, and it’s my last thought before drifting off to sleep.  If accomplishing this brings me great wealth or costs me everything, I don’t care.  Those aren’t the measure of my life.  I frequently find myself wishing it would cost me everything; then I could point to my sacrifice to prove my success.  Just another form of self-reliance and justification.  Let it go, and just serve others.