About the photos.

The piano images are of my 1987 Kawai KG-2E grand piano, built in Hammamatsu, Japan.  It was a near gift from one of my first clients shortly after graduating from college.  He sold it to me for far less than market value, and allowed me to make payments to him as I was able, with no interest.  This instrument and act of generosity will be a continuous blessing for many many decades.

The guitar is my McIlroy A25C, serial number 336, purchased in celebration of the completion of my master’s degree.  The guitar was built by hand in Antrim, Ireland by Dermot McIlroy and was completed on June 29th, 2006.  The back and sides are American Black Walnut, with a Western Red Cedar top – an incredible tonewood combination with a responsive and warm top, followed by the bright resonance of the Black Walnut.  The neck is laminated Mahogany, Maple and Walnut, with a solid Ebony fingerboard bound with Walnut and Maple purflings.  The edge binding is inlaid with Pear, Maple and Rosewood, and the bridge is Brazilian Caviuna Rosewood.  This guitar really is a piece of art from its hand-crafted build to its incredible sound.

There is significant symbolism to be found in these images…the massive hidden timbers representing “servant” support the weight bearing across a grand piano – serving a greater purpose but never noticed when we are admiring the instrument; the guitar image representing “Father” is face down – a posture of intercession for the lives of his children.  I’ll leave the rest to your introspection.

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