I am a husband to my beautiful wife.

There isn’t much better in life than participating in a friendship that consists of mutual selfless love and oneness in the context of irrevocable permanency.  I have been married to Rebecca for over 18 years out of the 60 or 70 some years we have committed to each other – ’til death do us part.  Rebecca is a hopeless romantic and insists that we finish out our vows by providentially dying at the same time, lest one of us be left alone…Yes, dear.  I’ll make a note of that.

Rebecca and I knew of each other through mutual friends during college, but not much beyond that.  When we met again a year later, it was love at first sight.  We were engaged within six weeks, and married six months later.  Our only regret is that we didn’t follow our hearts to break with convention and elope much sooner.