What I’m doing now…

I’m splitting my time between our Indianapolis and Cincinnati offices and our rural home, staying very focused on these things:

  • Managing our investment funds and tax, estate, and income strategies for our clients at Precedent Financial Strategies.
  • Leading and mentoring in collaborative law and mediation to serve families during life’s most challenging times.
  • Practicing mindfulness and how to live well as I turn the half-century mark.
  • CrossFit, so I can continue serving my family and others for decades.
  • Living and loving in our new empty-nest life with my bride.
  • Enhancing the beauty and ecology of our farm and preserve.
  • Being a father to two amazing adults.
  • Writing and playing piano.
  • Reading:
    • Tolstoy — War and Peace (one chapter per day throughout 2024)
    • Ralph Waldo Emerson — Self Reliance and other essays
    • Rumi
    • C.S. Lewis

That’s it for now. I usually have a lot of projects going on, but they generally fall into the above priorities. As projects and priorities change, I’ll keep this page updated.  — January 2024